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Perfume, a major art

Had you guessed as much ? Not only because it represents the creative work of the Nose who knows hundreds of compositions and can "fix" a rose with heavier, animal, woody or synthetic matter. But also because, just like the conductor of an orchestra, he brings together very diverse instruments (string, wind and percussion) which, once combined, will produce a harmony. The Nose enables flowers, leaves, fruits, trees, spices and synthetic products to play from the same score – a score he has composed and orchestrated.


As for us, we are the audience, the gourmets and the spectators of his art. Jean-Claude Ellena, the celebrated Nose at Hermès, prefers to use touch :

"Describing a smell, I say it is hard, soft, cold, hot, velvety, dry, flat, cutting, silky, spicy, tender, fine, heavy, light, rough, fragile, oily or fat."

These are the words of a creator.

We, the olfactors, give life to the work of the artist with a beautiful or a cruel :

"I like it, I don't like it."


The relationship between the artist and his public is both distant – we do not know the Nose – and yet close : we wear his perfume on our very skin. "He is as much an artist who thrills to what he does as he who trembles at what he sees, hears or smells." (Edmond Roudnitska, Le parfum, published by PUF, Que sais-je ?).

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