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An introduction to perfume

The pleasure we derive from perfume probably comes from deeper within us than any other pleasure. The "Noses" offer us artistic creations that are both sophisticated and crystal-clear. Perfume is abstract art in a bottle. Enclosed inside this precious object are infinite possibilities : emotion, well-being, seduction, memories, dreams, conquests and defences. Whether its composition is constant or capricious, we still find it beautiful. It can give us a sensory or psychological shock. Sometimes it answers a demand for something new. Or it can offer comfort in the tender folds of an infinitely-faceted memory.

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I would like to accompany you as you journey through the jungle of perfumes.

Neither magician, nor gold-seeker nor doctor of the senses, I will be your guide as you search for "your" perfume. Let us spend half a day hunting together in the heart of Paris. Whether it is a rare scent hidden in a secret place or a well-known perfume proudly displayed in an exclusive perfumery, you will choose an incomparable treasure. Where better than Paris, the cradle of modern fragrances, to stroll from venerable perfumeries to futuristic concept stores, from baroque boutiques to precious "maisons" ?


From Saint-Germain-des-Prés to the Marais, from Faubourg Saint-Honoré to the Palais Royal, the streets of Paris are ideal for this initiation. Rare perfumeries are tucked away in the most beautiful corners of the capital.

Come and touch, feel and see the fascinating world of perfume – a world that revolves around you. Contact me on : +33 [0] 664 1_20 928 or