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Norbert Wolgust

Like a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer, the perfumer speaks to the inner you. Knowing how to interpret emotions and translate them into olfactory notes is not a gift but the result of a great deal of experience. I have built up my olfactory culture over many years, going from perfumery to perfumery, from brand to brand, from fashion to fashion. I have come to know those who play a role in contemporary perfumery.

After teaching English and after long discussions with my father, a doctor, I dared to dream up connivence®.

annick goutalannick goutal

My first client, frustrated at not being able to wear Chanel N°5, adopted Heure Exquise and then Rose Absolue from Annick Goutal.

After years of searching, a young woman discovered Patch from L'Artisan Parfumeur, and now she wears it all the time.

A manager, looking for an oriental amber scent, was blown over by Annick Goutal's Sables and now won't be without it.

As for me, I began to really understand that perfume is an art by wearing Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens.


I decided to share not only the treasures I had discovered but also my ability to solve the mystery, the alchemy between the perfume, the person wearing it and their entourage. Just a few questions and then we will work out a strategy together.

Are you looking for your ideal perfume ? After years of searching have you still not found it ? Contact me on : +33 [0] 664 1_20 928 or